Stephan was naturally encouraged into the world of music and began to play the piano from 9 years old and this is where his impressive musical career began. In 1994 Stephan took his First steps in his professional DJing career in one the biggest clubs in Bulgaria- Disco Mladost and this is where Stephan was given the opportunity to hone his skills as one the first DJs in Bulgaria to experiment with Tech,Progressive & Deep,Funky Vocal house music during 1997. Through the years Stephan Gee has progressed through many styles of music including Psychedelic, Trance, Dance, Drum'n'Bass,Hip-Hop, R&B and House and headlined and been resident in the largest and best known clubs in Bulgaria including- Mascara,Escape, Plazma, Mania, Vacuum, Iceberg, Disco Orange, XL ,Jim Beam, Cacao Beach,Bedroom,TQ Club,W Club,Planet Club , Makalali club , Azzaro , etc. Now the resident In the most modern club in Sunny Beach Cacao Beach Stephan’s career goes from strength to strength and includes having played alongside guest DJs from The Ministy Of Sound, Hedkandi, Cream, and many world famous DJ's Stephan is the most versatile and experience DJ in Bulgaria and during his progression through all genres of music, he knows in his heart that his passion is for Tech, Deep ,Techno Electro & Funky Vocal House music.


For over 20 years you have had the chance to catch Versus playing in the DJ booth at premier clubs in Bulgaria and abroad. Resident DJ of Plazma Club, Plovdiv - 19 years old institution in the Eastern Europe underground music scene. Versus also runs one of the leading pro audio & stage lighting rental companies in Bulgaria - Hitex Pro.

DJ Versus (moniker of Daniel Genchev) started his djing career at the tender age of 14 playing commercial music at discos and clubs in his home town. His obsession to Hi-Fi equipment and appreciation for the quality sound were the main reasons that led to a change in his musical taste. Versus became addicted to the electronic music which fascinated him with it..s quality pumped-up sound, it..s energy and the messages it carries. What followed was a number of parties promoted by him, gigs around the whole country and abroad. After he met DJ Smooke their friendship, similar ideas and musical tastes led to the creation of their own label and promoting company called "HITEX Promotions". They soon gained momentum and became one of the leading promotion crews in Bulgaria. Fans associate them with excellent parties marked by the sound that make the people dance.